Submitting apps to the App Store with Dynamic Libraries

I was trying to submit a proof of concept app to the app store for TestFlight distribution. Submission failed.
Looked up Mapbox to see if there was a new version. No.
Looked up Mapbox to see if I was missing something in their instructions. No
A quick google search, lead me to a stack overflow post, which linked to another, which linked to this: Stripping Unwanted Architectures From Dynamic Libraries In Xcode
Copy, paste,

(might need to follow step 0 from here)
Archive, submit.
Upload Successful

Xcode Run Script to Auto-increment Build Number

Auto-incrementing build number.

  • 0. Target -> Build Phases -> Target Dependencies. Click on “Add target dependencies here” area (Xcode bug to get step 1 not greyed out)
  • 1. Editor -> Add Build Phase -> Add Run Script Build Phase
  • 2. Paste this code
  • 3. Change CFBundleDisplayName prefix. eg. Ped
  • 4. Add Row Bundle display name (aka CFBundleDisplayName) to Info.plist